Posted by: condominiumtravelclub | March 31, 2011

CSA Insurance and Condominium Travel Club “Meeting at Sea”

Our Travel Insurance provider CSA Insurance invited Karen Price, Travel Department Manager and Abby Bettinger, Condo Department Manager for Condominium Travel Club and Pulaski Tickets and Tours, aboard Royal Caribbean’s ship, Monarch of the Sea’s for a special seminar. This was an invitation only cruise that enabled Condominium Travel Club to participate in a workshop that was tailored specifically for our members. The workshop proved very informative and has been instrumental in providing the most effective travel insurance coverage for our members.

As always we strongly suggest covering all your vacations with insurance as the unexpected is something that is never planned. For any question regarding Travel Insurance, please feel free to contact any of our Condo or Travel Agents in the New York office @ 877-453-8458.

January 28-31, 2011

Picture Front left, Karen Price Condominium Travel Club, Troy Mitchell Marriott Rewards, Mel Grant San Francisco Timeshare Exchange, Deborah Shroyer Festiva Resorts, Kimberly Allard CSA Insurance, Cathy Backus CSA Insurance, Cynthia Phelps San Francisco Timeshare Exchange, Heidi and Jeff Hill Westgate Resorts, Cory Phelps San Francisco Timeshare Exchange, Robin Canatelli Caribbean Cruise Line and Abby Bettinger Condominium Travel Club

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